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   ABOUT Luna Abrasivi


It’s more than 20 years that Luna Abrasivi is one of the leading Companies in the production of tool for ceramics, granites and marbles.


Since 10 years Luna Abrasivi is present on the international market also with the diamond tools for cutting,calibrating, grinding and squaring; the obtained quality is judged by our customers to be on the highest level.By producing and planing new products We give priority to the environment observance as well as quality.


Luna Abrasivi pays attention not only to the production process, but also to the requirements of every customer; therefor, based on an updated knowledge, we are always in the position to propose winning solution


   Metal diamond tools for grinding

Inclined wheels   Metal Boand Sectors

   Metal diamond tools for calibration

Calibrating tools    

   Magnesite abrasives for grinding & polishing of granite slabs & tiles

Magnesite Sectors    

   Resin bond tools for polishing granite slabs

Resin Bond Sectors    

   Brushes for various antique finishes

Brushes & Daimond   Flexible resin bond
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